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To seek your love and fun by wearing our exclusive jewelry.

Nicole Meng, A unique artist who likes to design the exquisite fashion & bridge jewelry from her unrestrained imagination. Born in Taiwan, Nicole was immersed in the art of fashion jewelry, in the opportune moment of her young age, she started to make the hand-craft jewelry and developing both keen-eyed for fashion and enduring love of delicate jewels. 

At the end of year 2012, Nicole began to announce her individually and timeless collections of jewelries after she graduated from the fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising . She creates jewelries with neutral style and conflict esthetics by trying to use every special or novel materials and techniques. In addition, she adds the trend elements into the design at every season. "The ultimate goal for me is to see every customer can have love and fun by wearing my exclusive jewelry." Said by Nicole Meng. 

We love to preserve great quality to every piece of our jewelries; therefore, we plated the think metal on the surface to avoid the metal been peel off. In the mean time, we only use Swarovski crystals, high level CZs (Cubic Zirconia) and 18k,20k gold plated to show the best brilliant shine from our jewelries. 

NICOLE MENG為華裔首飾設計師Nicole Meng的同名品牌, 首席設計師 Nicole畢業於Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising珠寶設計科系加州校區, 經歷美式活潑的教育及薰陶下激發出她對珠寶設計的熱情, 2012 年畢業後隨即在美國洛杉磯成立了屬於自己的品牌NICOLE MENG.

NICOLE MENG的品牌精神為獨特, 經典, 熱情洋溢. Nicole擅長於運用各種新穎的素材搭配上精緻的作工而創造出每季不同主題的完美作品, 另外對於細節的追求也是NICOLE MENG品牌很重要的特色, 即使是流行飾品也能有高品質及細緻的作工是我們品牌不變的理念. 也希望憑著我們獨一無二的設計以及優秀的品質服務在流行飾品界創造出NICOLE MENG品牌的專屬辨識度.